Exclusive “Optimal ROI” Analysis

Using our exclusive optimal ROI assessment process, we identify key issues, rank priorities, and provide recommendations for improving equipment and system performance. The Optimal ROI process provides a cost-effective approach to enhance the operation, value, and usable life of your refrigeration equipment.

Energy-Saving Equipment Upgrades

Through the use of energy surveys and audits, we can recommend a diverse portfolio of energy saving products for the supermarket, convenience store, foodservice and commercial business markets. Product solutions can reduce total annual energy costs by 25% and include LED lighting upgrades (interior as well as exterior), high-efficiency ECM evaporator fan motors, night shades, anti-sweat heater controls, and more.

Energy Rebates

Certified Refrigeration and Mechanical, LLC is a closely-involved registered trade ally with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program.  Our energy-efficiency experts have been involved on some of the largest energy-rebate projects the program has ever offered and are able to maximize the energy incentive checks you receive.


Over time, a refrigeration system starts to slowly slip out of its design settings, which typically reduces its performance.  This makes the system run less efficiently and can cost thousands in repair charges and unnecessary energy use. Let Certified Refrigeration and Mechanical, LLC perform a recommissioning of your system, correct issues that have been left unresolved, and return it to its original intended design parameters and optimal performance.