24/7 Customer Service

Holidays, weekends & whenever you need us most. Using our toll-free service line, dispatchers and service technicians are available to respond to your regular, overtime and emergency service needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; including weekends and holidays.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a proactive way to identify and address oncoming issues before they happen, reducing the chance of downtime and costs of catastrophic repairs, and reduce energy cost and operation. We stress the importance of preventive maintenance and often combine it with regular tune-ups. By having your system checked over and maintained periodically, the need for emergency repairs, overtime service, and unforeseen expenses will decrease significantly.


Many components, such as filters and drive belts, often follow replacement schedules due to their relatively short and known serviceable lifetime. Certified Refrigeration and Mechanical, LLC often combines tune-up maintenance with preventive maintenance, which will significantly reduce the number of equipment failures and service calls required.

Refrigeration Service

Utilizing our state of the art training facility and exposure to the latest technology, we are dedicated to providing refrigeration service excellence. Our Certified technicians diagnose and correctly repair refrigeration service issues, minimizing downtime and future service calls.  Our job is to provide quality, responsive service when the need arises.

Power Washing

When cottonwood, bugs, agriculture debris, or simple dirt buildup starts causing performance problems, the simple solution is to clean your outdoor condensers with pressurized steam.  Steam provides superior cleaning, yet is delicate on equipment.  Our certified power washer operators are thoroughly trained and experienced with various types of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. Cleaning is non-intrusive, does not disturb business operations, and uses no chemicals.

Case Cleaning

Periodic case cleaning is one of the best ways to reduce service calls, increase product shelf life, ensure health and safety compliance, and reduce energy use.  Our experienced case cleaning teams understand proper dismantling and case cleaning techniques that help achieve vastly improved air flow, sanitation, appearance, and case temperature control. Case cleaning is often scheduled overnight or during other closed periods so it will not disturb business operations.


Newly installed refrigeration systems are so complex that they almost always have significant-but-correctible issues right from the get go.  Without a commissioning process after installation, many of these issues go unnoticed and unresolved, which can result in poor system performance and expensive service calls.  Commissioning on newly installed refrigeration systems can save between 6-25% on annual energy usage.  We provide expert, 3rd party commissioning assessments and corrective services for grocery store refrigeration systems.

HVAC Service

With the help of our branded partner, we provide system diagnostics and repair service for most commercial HVAC systems.  Our service technicians are cross-trained to perform common HVAC repairs, and our team of specialized service technicians are available to service specialty and more complex HVAC equipment.  We service all major brands of space heating, AC, and air handling HVAC equipment.

Cooking Equipment Service

The CRM team has over 60 years of combined repair service experience for commercial food service equipment throughout Wisconsin. We are proud to serve restaurants, ranging from small local establishments to national chains, as well as cooking equipment in cafeterias, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other commercial applications, throughout Wisconsin. We are also one of the largest suppliers of replacement parts in the Midwest, with thousands of parts on hand to keep your equipment running as it should.